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Maintaining compliance with state and industry standards while efficiently managing payroll and HRIS systems and processes can be daunting. HR Advantage provides comprehensive payroll services and HRIS implementation, tailored to meet the unique needs of companies ranging from 5 to 300+ employees.

Comprehensive Payroll Services | HR Advantage understands the intricacies of payroll management. By outsourcing payroll processes, businesses can ensure accurate and timely payments, tax compliance, and benefits administration. Whether it’s processing payroll, generating reports, or managing deductions, HR Advantage handles it all, freeing up valuable time for companies to focus on core operations.

HRIS Implementation | Implementation of a robust Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is essential for efficient HR management. HR Advantage offers expertise in HRIS implementation, selecting and integrating the right system for each company’s unique requirements. From employee data management and time tracking to performance evaluations and benefits enrollment, HRIS streamlines HR processes, improves data accuracy, and enhances overall efficiency.

Compliance with State and Industry Standards | Staying compliant with state and industry regulations is crucial to avoid legal penalties and maintain a strong reputation. HR Advantage keeps businesses up to date with changing labor laws, tax regulations, and industry-specific requirements. Their team of experts ensures that payroll processes and HR practices align with the latest compliance standards, reducing the risk of errors and legal complications.

Benefits Management | HR Advantage provides businesses with a comprehensive solution, seamlessly integrating health benefits, 401K programs, and vacation tracking into their payroll services. By consolidating these functions, HR Advantage simplifies the administrative burden for companies, saving them time and ensuring accuracy in managing employee benefits. Combined with our Advantage Benefit’s specialist, we handle enrollment, contributions, deductions, and compliance, making sure that health benefits and retirement plans are seamlessly integrated into the payroll system.

Scalability and Flexibility | As businesses grow and their employee count fluctuates, HR Advantage scales their services accordingly. Whether a company has five employees or over 300, HR Advantage adjusts their payroll and HRIS services to accommodate changing needs. This scalability ensures that businesses receive customized solutions that align with their size, industry, and long-term goals.

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HR Advantage Executive Search Team
HR Advantage Executive Search Team
Two people reviewing executive search candidates

“During these unprecedented times, where services have been impacted everywhere and as a customer you constantly get recorded messages, long waits and office closures, HR Advantage does an exceptional job. They are easy to get a hold of whenever needed, responsive, providing expert information. Anyone of my staff can call them and HR Advantage picks up the phone and provides expert personal service whenever we ask for help. They are always there when you need them!”

Ken K., President, Synergy Home Health Care

“HR Advantage are true professionals to work with. They’re well connected within their professional and personal community. If you need something taken care of or a connection to find out an answer, they can do it. Trustworthy, proficient, professional and team players.”

Zigi G., Eisenhower Medical Center

“HR Advantage is very knowledgeable and their attention to detail always exceeds everyone’s expectations. I have known and worked with them for over twenty-five years, they’re true professionals.”

Ric D., Agua Caliente Casino

“HR Advantage is the perfect company to work with. They care about their employees and colleagues; And go the extra mile and know their stuff. Always look forward to working with them.”

Jose F., Permanente Medical Group

“HR Advantage is dedicated, knowledgeable and highly professional. They engage every individual they meets with a great smile and energetic personality. They’re a great asset to any organization.”

Candice M., The Vintage Club

“There’s no question what HR advantage has added to our organization – with personal attention to every detail, quick response to all of our needs and the feel of having an in-house HR department, they are simply the best solution for a critical component of our operation.”

Paul C., General Manager, The Leaf El Paseo

“HR Advantage has done exceptional work for us. They have guided us patiently through every step of upgrading our HR operations from those of a small organization to that of a large one! Thank you, HR Advantage, for your professionalism and kindness.”

Sofia C., Director of Operations, United Cerebral Palsy of the Inland Empire

“HR Advantage has been fantastic and they are an absolute pleasure to work with! They are very responsive to all my requests in a timely manner and their advice on all matters of Employee relations is solid and very helpful! They are Human Resource Professionals and have excellent knowledge about all legal requirements in California pertaining to Human Resources. I trust HR Advantage and feel very supported by them!”

Cornelia B., Hampton Inn and Suites

“HR Advantage makes it a priority to visit our hotel properties regularly, providing great support to team members on-site and keeping us informed of new legal and HR requirements to keep our compliance up to date. HR Advantage is always available to help managers get through difficult scenarios and provide valuable counsel.”

Pinank B., Franchisee, Hampton Hotels

“HR Advantage is extremely proactive and readily available. Safety is a priority In the manufacturing industry, and HR Advantage has facilitated informative trainings and hand-held all injury reports which helped us exponentially lower our Workers’ Compensation costs.”

Jorge G., CEO, FF Gomez

“HR Advantage is extremely reliable and they are willing to strategize issues and assist us with possible resolutions to give us successful results. Our business is thriving and we look forward to future growth working with HR Advantage as partners.”

Jared F., CEO, Desert Jet
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